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Use the exercises on this website to reprogram your biology to promote health, happiness, and resilience to stress. The techniques offered here are based on a new synthesis of information from neurophysiology, ecology, endocrinology and integrative biology. They are heavily informed by scientific findings. By practicing them, you will learn the ideal postural configuration for each part of your body, gradually overriding your stress sustaining behavior, and finding peace through neuroplasticity. The following video describes some of the basic principles.

I am very confident that the exercises described here can help you greatly. If this book helps enough people, it should influence experimental scientists in behavioral medicine to investigate the methods and further test and refine them. My hope is that as you read about them, and perform them yourself, you will be able to clearly see how and why they lead to personal improvement. Click here to download your free copy of the Program Peace Journal to keep track of your exercises. If you have a testimonial or before and after pictures that you would like to be included on this site please send them.

About the Author

Dr. Jared Edward Reser has been developing and writing the Program Peace exercises for over ten years. He holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in brain and cognitive science from the University of Southern California, along with a Bachelor’s in psychology and minors in neuroscience and business. He also has a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. He has been certified as a personal trainer, health coach, fitness nutrition specialist, functional training specialist, and corrective exercise specialist. He specializes in writing theoretical research articles with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to integrative biology, cognitive neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. You can find out more about his research at http://www.jaredreser.com.

Jared regularly teaches clients how to use the Program Peace method and techniques. To hire Jared for consulting or training simply reach out to him at jared at jaredreser dot com.

​You can support this work on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/programpeace Everything offered by Program Peace is free of charge. So please know that your support will go straight to helping make more content to help more people.

What You Can Expect To Learn

Here is a quick list of some of the concepts that are targeted by the exercises on this website. The list is intended to get you thinking about them before we proceed.


Testimonials and Praise

The following are voluntary, unsolicited message board comments about various exercises in the program peace method:

Dalia M.
Wow. Just wow… I just went through the whole routine and my splitting headache has been relieved. This is my new favorite thing to do. Thank you!

Rachel L.
This perfectly address my problem and I’ve found so little on this topic and issue elsewhere so I really appreciate this and knowing I’m not the only once concerned with facial muscle tension.

Andrew S.
After looking through the techniques used in this article, I knew there was something to this…So I started doing it myself, 5 days a week, for about half an hour.. and it works.

Jinu G.
I had immediate relief… I am going to try this every day.

I found this site several months ago and it has been such a blessing. Your method sounded too good to be true but it made perfect sense and it worked. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Thank you so much. This really does work.

Your palm heel massage method caused my extremely painful scalp to go calm at once. It seems like magic. I will continue to do it regularly to get more benfits ,thanks alot for this.

Christopher T.
Fascinated by your article regarding tension in the lower eye lid. A revelatory way to look at it.

Jennifer L.
Wow! So happy to finally find a resource about all of this! Seriously…this is a life changer. Thank you Dr. Reser!

I bet I’m clearing away all sorts of garbage. I used to get monster respiratory infections and all this drainage came down. I actually feel “clear headed” – like brain fog is just going away. I can’t wait to keep going. This is profound.

John R.
Thank you for sharing. Thanks to this information, my training was more effective

Hearing Aid Guide
Awesome tips for facial massage. Its really working on me. Thanks for the useful tips.

Fantastic, instant relief.

So happy!!!! You speak my language, and like I said in another comment, I have been thinking along these lines for a while, and you take it to the next level for me. MORE PLEASE

Brandon A.
This is a fantastic article and it totally describes my problem.

Excellent article! Absolutely mind blowing seeing the differences. Just awesome stuff and I’ve been doing it on myself as well and feel much more mental calmness and other benefits.

Jay M.
This has caused me a great deal of depression and anxiety in the past years of my life. And now I feel that a huge weight has been lifted. I cant wait to continue with this for the rest of my life. =) & MAAAN, when I released the knot, it felt so damn good to feel that tension leave just like that.

Hi. I stumbled across this site also. After the first day of doing this it worked. It is amazing. Have been doing it for 2 wks and love it. Thanks so much.

I cannot guarantee that the activities recommended here are completely safe for everyone. Several exercises ask you to perturb traumatized areas of the body; these actions have the potential to cause injury or other medical complications for those who are already unhealthy. So, even though most of the activities here are completely harmless, I ask that everyone take extreme care when practicing them, and to remain aware that some exercises have the potential to cause damage if performed incorrectly or in the presence of a preexisting injury or condition. Note also that the Program Peace methods and accompanying documentation are furnished “as is” and without warranty. You assume sole and entire risk as to the results you may obtain by use or misuse of the methods. Please perform these with caution, restraint and common sense. None of these exercises should produce pain or discomfort after the exercise is completed. If anything hurts afterward, or even the next day, you are doing something wrong and should immediately consult a doctor.

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