Fitness Manual & Journal

Click on the link below to download the free Program Peace Fitness Manual and Journal book in the form of a PDF. If you want a hard copy, you can buy it on Amazon under the same title.

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About the Manual:

This fitness journal does much more than just help you keep track of and log your workouts. It teaches you the fundamentals of exercise and diet according to current scientific research. It is also your coach for a 90 day fitness plan. In just 90 days you will build new, long-lasting habits to promote your health, fitness and positive mood. The book includes:

  • A place to journal your Program Peace exercises and activities. Use the worksheets in the journal to log your favorite exercises, keep notes about duration, intensity and  impressions, and keep track of your progress.
  • Detailed fitness and diet information to help you understand your body and how to achieve fitness results that last.
  • Customizable, undated exercise journal with space to record cardio, strength training, workout goals, reps, sets, weight, meals, nutritional intake, and much more.
  • Also record hours of nightly sleep, stretching, self-massage, meditation, breathing exercises, number of daily steps, flights climbed, hours standing, VO2 max, heart rate variability, blood pressure, skinfold measures, hip and waist circumference and more.
  • The logs were designed to be compatible with the types of assessments made by smart phones, smart watches, and other electronic fitness trackers.
  • Worksheets guide you in calculating your RMR, BMI, exercising heart rate targets, weight targets, your calorie, protein and fats needs and more.
  • Worksheets to record a large number of standard exercise tests and assessments.
  •  The following are example pages of what the journal looks like.

Front Cover