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The free PDF version has been downloadable from this site for years. But now that the book has been fully fleshed out it is available on Amazon as a softcover, hardback, and ebook. Get your copy here.

I would like to thank my good friend Maxim Elramsisy for taking these shots of the book in his studio. Adam is an excellent professional photographer and his email is To find out more about his work you can visit his website at

Take a look at the photos below to get an idea for the look and feel of the book.

The Description on the Back Cover:

“Did you know the most dominant apes and monkeys are usually the kindest? They share the most food, groom others more often, break up fights, are slow to anger, and breathe in a relaxed manner. Those on the bottom of the social hierarchy are the opposite. They are stingy, combative, irritable, anxious, depressed, and they breathe shallowly. It is not easy for a submissive primate to become dominant. They have mindsets, mannerisms, and muscle tension that keep them from escaping their subordinate social strategy and the chronic stress it produces.

All of this generalizes to people. If you want to be free of negative emotion, you need to rehabilitate physical trauma in your breath, eyes, face, voice, heart, gut, spine, and brain. Program Peace will coach you to do precisely this by first retraining your breathing pattern, and then walking you through dozens of innovative and effective self-care exercises. After creating new mindsets and mannerisms, and learning to reinvigorate muscles you never knew you had, you will find yourself more confident, healthier, kinder, and reprogrammed for peace.”

More About Program Peace

Program Peace is a self-care system that will guide you through exercises designed to help your body function optimally. Every organ in the human body is adversely affected by stress and negative emotions. The results of these changes are harmful to health, and accumulate over time. The activities in this book will help you rehabilitate the aspects damaged by long-term stress, freeing you from pain and allowing you to feel comfortable in your own body. Using this system will give you more energy, increased confidence, improved posture, and the ability to breathe freely.

The Program Peace methodology begins with the breath. Reading the book will teach you how to breathe in a way that activates the resting and healing division of your nervous system. The key is to breathe with maximal activation of the diaphragm. All mammals that are in a calm and peaceful state breathe with the diaphragm. However, this changes when they are scared or stressed.

Like other stressed mammals, from mice to monkeys, you and I have learned to stifle and strain our diaphragm. Cumulatively the non-peaceful moments in our lives have programmed us to breathe more and more shallowly. This is known to scientists as “distressed breathing,” and it is highly destructive to your physical and mental health. It results in constant muscular, respiratory, and cardiovascular fatigue. It is why so many people endure persistent pain, rapid aging, and an inability to catch their breath.

Our nervous system will always prioritize short-term survival over long-term well-being as long as it assumes our environment is dangerous. Most humans live and breathe in survival mode all the time. This is true even though our modern environment rarely involves immediate physical danger. The Program Peace method involves assuring your body that the environment in which it lives is safe, happy, and peaceful. But you can only convince it of this if you change your breathing pattern.

Program Peace is designed to train you to recruit the diaphragm with every breath you take. This will help you build diaphragmatic breathing back into your daily habits and behaviors. The process of transitioning from short, shallow breaths to long, deep breaths is depicted in the site logo on the top left corner of your screen. As your diaphragm strengthens from consistent use, its range of motion increases, and your neurological control over it improves, allowing you to breathe more steadily and easily all the time. It will take months, but the results are worth it. This is one of the most important changes you can make in your life.

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